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Our Johnson City firm has been working with landlords for several years and knows the Tennessee Residential Landlord Tenant Act, which dictates how landlords and tenants officially act with each other.

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What Are The Legal Requirements Before A Landlord Can Evict?

Tennessee law requires a specific set of steps before a landlord can evict a tenant. If you fail to follow these steps, it can cost you money.

Notice requirements:

A tenant who has not paid rent: A 14-day notice of eviction (for nonpayment of rent) must be made before you can go to court and a judge will grant legal possession.

Abandonment: If a landlord thinks that a tenant has left the rental property and does not intend to return, there is a 10-day waiting period. The tenant needs to get touch with the landlord within 10 days of the notice.

Emergencies: The law also includes a provision that allows landlords to evict tenants if there is a threat to safety.

Landlord-tenant law can be complicated and subject to misinterpretation. Having an attorney review your process before moving forward (or changing the locks) is always a good choice.

Hire An Attorney To Prevent Problems Down The Road With Your Properties

A lawyer to create and review your documents can save you money down the road. We can help ensure you are following the landlord-tenant law in Tennessee.

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