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What You Need To Know About Federal Criminal Charges

When you face a criminal charge in federal court, it’s important to understand the potential penalties you could face.

Federal charges carry with them longer prison sentences and higher fines. Judges follow a complex set of sentencing guidelines with a multitude of case law to back it up.

If you believe you may be charged in federal court or have had charges filed against you, you need a skilled lawyer who knows the system. Reach Law Office, has special insight and several years of experience in this area.

Attorney Eric Reach serves on the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the U.S. District Court of Eastern Tennessee, a select group of lawyers trained to represent indigent defendants. He has done so since 2009. Practicing in federal court means our firm has training in the system and knows the investigators, prosecutors and the judges.

Contact our firm to build a strong defense to these and other charges:

  • White collar crime
  • Wire fraud
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Possession of firearms

An Experienced Attorney With Affordable Fees

The amount of work that can go into a federal criminal defense case can be massive. Our firm offers reasonable fees, yet provides outstanding legal representation. At Reach Law Office, we pride ourselves on delivering results for individuals through a personalized approach. You will always work with the same attorney, and not be passed on to a younger associate.

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